Moving home should be exciting.


I am grateful to be in an industry that I have been in for over twenty years and right now, I’m more passionate than ever about the industry evolving.

It’s said that ‘Home is where the heart is’. I don’t know who coined that phrase, but it is true, and I never forget it.  Every day I meet new people, many of which have invited me into their homes and many of which I have the privilege in helping take the next step in finding their new home.  Our family lives are centred around the buildings that we make our homes, so I have a very important and personal position when representing my clients move home, one that requires a balance of humility and fortitude.  Some of my clients have become friends, and some of my friends have become clients, and that’s a fantastic outcome from just being honest and genuine.  

I have worked for high street brands and learned many skills that I still use today, but the biggest lesson I learned was how not to be an estate agent. I’ve seen unbelievable company strategies and working practices that are not in-line with the face of their brand. This did not sit well with me and my underlaying frustration led me to opening the doors to Complete Estate Agents in 2017. From then the company has thrived, we now have six branches, and this is only the beginning. I am very careful to bring into the team like-minded people, and in some cases people with alternative skills to enhance our offering and separate us from the mainstream. Collectively we pool our abilities and knowledge base across our branches to provide a wealth of property sales and creative marketing skills. This has grown a diverse and fun working culture, one that I’m proud has infused into our ethos and that our clients experience. 

With a great team and the business foundations set, I’m able to pave the way for the future and steer us even further away from the cliche.  I’m looking forward it, the future is exciting and we are able to make it our own. As a company, we are all on board with our commercial roadmap. I have some priorities that I’m sure our clients will embrace and hope that our learned competition will copy.

Technology is getting easier and more accessible to use. We can use this to many advantages if we’re all able to make little adjustments. 


Migrate our office management system to the latest digital platform. This will allow us to manage more efficiently, market and communicate in a digital fashion, ensuring that colleagues and clients are always informed.

By 2021

We want our office to operate totally paperless by the end of 2021.  Our business transactions and accounting will all be digital. (Subject to legal requirements) 

Digital methods will dominate our marketing strategy and where we do use physical marketing assets they will be sourced from sustainable materials.

By 2023

Our company cars are to be hybrid or electric by 2023. 



We don’t want to leave anyone behind as we leap into the future. For some people this might seem too daunting, so we will always support our clients in a way that they are comfortable with.  Technology is not for everyone but a friendly smile with honest advice is.



Eco friendly

As well as adopting the digital methods, the materials that we will use must be ethically sourced and resources replenished.

In many cases, we are already working to this practice. We use recycled paper and recycle our used paper, that’s standard.

  • Contracts and instructions are authorised on electronic documents with digital signatures.
  • Our property signs will be made from recycled plastic and when finished with they will be recycled again.
  • The posts for the property signs are sourced from sustainable forests in the Netherlands and baked to increase their durability and lifespan. Trees will be replanted.

Moving forward:

  • meeting notes will not be written on paper pads, electronic smart devices will be used.
  • we contribute to sustainable charities and are planning staff charity volunteer days, to help plant trees and clean up our rivers and beaches.


With the right team and by doing all of this we can work smarter, have a successful business and do our bit for the planet whilst sleeping well at night. 


Complete Estate Agents

Jonathan Webster

Owner & CEO

Complete Estate Agents