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Questionsand answers

What exactly is a Hybrid Estate Agent?

Hybrid Estate Agents aim to offer the finest of both the high street and online agency worlds.

Like most industries, Estate Agency is changing. Virtually every buyer now base their searches purely online, without ever stepping foot in a high street shop. As such, there are dozens of online-only agencies popping up which offer nationwide sales. These National online agencies, however, often fail to deliver a personal, friendly and local service.

Taking all the local knowledge and experience you would expect from a High Street agent, Hybrids fuse these benefits with modern marketing techniques employed by tech-savvy online agents.

The days of watching buyers register with each and every estate agent passed many years ago. Instead, they create instant searches that notify them of every new instruction that is advertised on websites like Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation.

Like high street agents, a hybrid does everything that you would hope and expect an agent to do. Unlike high street agents, Hybrid agencies don’t have the costs involved in having an expensive shop, and their overheads bear no influence in your selling price or your fees.

Like online agents, hybrids utilise the power of the internet with modern and contemporary marketing, but unlike online agents, at Complete our staff are TRULY local.  Not only do we sell houses locally, but we live here too.


How does Complete work?

The easiest way to explain is that we work just like a normal estate agent.

We cover the valuation, the marketing, photos and floorplans and upload everything to Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation. We introduce your property to our applicant list, and speak directly with all potential viewers qualifying their interest.

Your viewings can be accompanied (if required) and all offers are handled through our experienced negotiators. Like you, we only want to consider serious, good quality buyers that are keen to work with you and make the selling process as smooth as possible.  We do this by confirming their position, financial status and ability to buy.

We keep you updated throughout the conveyance process by liaising with your solicitor, your buyers and their solicitor, keeping you informed of exactly where you are in the legal process.

Should any issues arise during the selling process, our 20 years of experience make us confident that we will provide a smooth pathway forward.

We are experienced, award winning agents who are changing the face of estate agency, driving honesty and transparency into the housing market, at a fair cost.


Which areas do you cover?

Wiltshire and BANES: We have a great reputation selling homes in the Corsham, Chippenham and Bath areas as well as all the surrounding villages and towns.

Hertfordshire: Complete Hertfordshire have worked in the local areas selling houses for High Street agents. Now, Complete Hertfordshire will specialise in the Stevenage location with expansion expected soon.

The staff at Complete live and work within these communities. We do not cover large areas, so our knowledge is truly local. Along with our fee structure, this gives us a truly unique point of difference from any other competitor. We can also help sellers from further afield, as we have a proven history of selling our clients homes in other locations too.

We also have plans to expand in other areas too, and are open to approach from experienced estate agents who work to the highest levels of customer care.


I want to put my house on the market, but I’m not sure what the process is. Can you talk me through it before I go ahead?

Of course! We visit you on a confidential basis and we’ll simply chat through the options that we believe will help you to maximise your sale price whilst finding you the best quality buyer. We don’t have the back room sales targets that most agencies have, so you can be sure that our advice is purely there to assist you and only you.

We’ll provide evidence of comparable houses that are on the market already or have recently sold, so you’ll have a clear view of the reasons behind your valuation figure. We’ll also give you up-to-the minute market advice before working out a marketing strategy that fits perfectly to your time scales and selling desires.


My house is already on the market with another agent, but I’m not happy. Can you sell my property? 

Yes we can, but first of all you’ll need to check your current agency agreement and see if there is a sole agency period or penalty to withdraw from them (this is more common with high street agents).  The best thing to do is to talk to us.

You’ll find that we approach this on a confidential, consultative basis and advise on the legalities of your current agreement. We never advise anything that could put you in a position that may have an unexpected cost.  We also have history of selling houses that other agents have struggled to sell!  There’s reasons for this, and we’d be more than happy to explain how we do this when we meet you.


How quickly will you sell my property? Am I tied into a contract for a certain length of time?

The time it takes to sell will also depend upon your circumstances and your timescale, so this is a bit of a “how long is a piece of string” question. It’s a question to which most sellers will require an answer.

There are several steps we take to ensure a speedy sale. Firstly, our marketing is contemporary, honest and enticing. Secondly, we utlilise the three largest property portals in the UK, Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location. Thirdly, we have a bank of applicants who are searching for property, and the moment your property goes live the listing is sent out. Often, these steps lead to quick viewings and offers.

OPEN DAYS are also a popular way to drive interest which frequently results in an instant sale.

Once you have decided to use Complete, you will be given a choice of a non-contract selling option, and a contracted option, both of which will be fully explained to you. The decision as to which you choose will solely be yours.


Will Complete conduct viewings for me?

Yes, if you wish! Some sellers like to conduct viewings themselves and others prefer the agent to take control for them. We can discuss and advise to your individual needs.


Will Complete negotiate offers on my behalf?

Yes. It’s important that we understand and qualify the position of your buyer fully, and we will use our negotiating skills to confirm timescales, their own selling position and their financial status.  Once you are happy with your buyer’s position, we then enter financial negotiations.


Is there a way for you to sort the serious buyers from the unsuitable ones so I have the easiest sale possible?

Absolutely! This is a natural part of our process when speaking with applicants. It’s important for us to provide the very best quality of buyer to you too, which will enhance the sale of your home and provide the smoothest conveyance process possible.


When do I have to pay?

That depends on your choice of marketing. We offer the choice of a pay up front Fixed Fee payment, which can work out cheaper, or a pay on completion option (NO SALE-NO FEE).  Please see our fees for further information.


Why are your fees so much lower than a high street estate agent?

There are a few reasons for our low prices.

We do not have the expense of a high street shop that has huge cost implications, and we’re able to pass those savings on in a way that traditional agents can’t. At present, we are not yet required to be VAT registered, so that means that you will save even more on your fees! We also do not have an “upper chain of command” with area managers and managing directors all wanting a slice from your fee.

Whichever option you chose, you can make HUGE savings on your fees compared to the traditional fee structure used by high street estate agents!


If my property doesn’t sell, do I still owe the fee?

That depends on you and which marketing option you desire. The Fixed Fee is an instant payment which will give you the largest saving (typically thousands of pounds!), but as the name suggests, it is an up-front cost with a non return policy. You also have the choice of a NO SALE/NO FEE agreement. In the highly unlikely event of your property not selling, Complete will swallow the cost of your marketing and there will be nothing for you to pay. Any “add ons” such as professional photography will require up-front payment. Both payment options will be explained fully to you prior to you making any decision.


Can you help me with mortgage and solicitor advice?

Yes indeed, we only recommend partner companies that have a proven history with us. We can introduce a mortgage advisor and or solicitor to you if required, and leave you to decide whether you’d like to use them. We only recommend partner companies that we believe offer the very highest levels of customer service.


What are your opening hours?

Our advisors are able to take your request 24 HOURS a day, 7 DAYS a week.


How does Complete benefit the local community?

Community is at the heart of everything we do. With this in mind, we are proud to donate a portion of each sale to three local charities which focus on helping the homeless, disadvantaged children and hospice care. Please get in touch for further information!

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